Epsilon Notes Privacy Policy

Epsilon Notes is a Markdown application that allows you to create and read text and html files with markdown tags in any folder of your device, including your external Sd card (for Premium users).

This application requires access to your file system in order to read and write text files that you create or use in any local folder that you choose. Currently, the application asks a permission to access all your file system. In the future, it is planned to get a so-called "scoped" access, which will be provided only to the folders that you provide permission for, when this becomes an obligatory requirement for Android platform developers.

The sole developer of this app is Evgenii (aka Eugene) Kartoyev, who does not represent anybody and is not affiliated to anybody. Google or any other entity whose platform is used to distribute this app do not have official relationships with the app developer and can never be held responsible for any claim that you may have in connection with the application.

I, the developer, Evgenii Kartoyev, fully recognize and respect users' privacy. So, I put an effort to make a safe application. The Epsilon Notes application never sends any file over internet or by other means outside your gadget except for cases when you explicity want it to do so, for example, by choosing an option in menus to share a text file from the application to some other application.

This application is distributed only through Google Play. So:

Epsilon Notes downloaded from Google Play is safe for your privacy, and the developer or whoever else cannot use the Epsilon Notes application downloaded from Google Play to access your data without your explicit consent or control.

The only data about users that may be provided to the developer automatically through the developer's console are the reviews that you share in Google Play, as well as some anonymized crash reports and installation data.

Thank you for downloading Epsilon Notes from Google Play and using it!

Evgenii Kartoyev